1. Winterfall
    Freddy Fresh

  2. Dandelion Man (Take #7)
    Freddy Fresh

  3. Return to Phantazia REMASTERED
    Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  4. Germany Via. Tokyo
    Freddy Fresh

  5. Abstract Funk Theory sampler BMG
    Freddy Fresh / Man Parrish

  6. Elastic Bass Freqs
    Freddy Fresh

  7. Bass Maneuvers (Drum & Bass)
    Fredy Fresh

  8. One for Arianna
    Freddy Fresh

  9. And Your Out (Invisible Man)

  10. Equality Bust Out a Tag
    Freddie Fresh

  11. Boricua House Party Peppermint Jam Records
    Freddy Fresh,

  12. 7 Ball Corner Pocket
    Freddy Fresh

  13. Dark Trip Hop Fuerza (Reissdorf Force Dr. Walker and Freddy Fresh)
    Dr. Walker, Freddy Fresh

  14. TECH-HOUSE Moveitritedown
    Freddy Fresh

  15. House-Latin Burundanga (Casa Mañana) - Massive Sound NYC
    Burundanga, Freddy Fresh

  16. House-Latin Burundanga Again
    Burundanga, Freddy Fresh

  17. House-Electro-Breaks Invisible Man (Freddy Fresh) Breaks & Beetz
    Invisible Man, Freddy Fresh, Freddie Fresh

  18. Electronica Delakota - The Rock (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    Delakota, Freddy Fresh

  19. Electro-Breaks Meat Beat Manifesto - Acid Again (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    Meat Beat Manifesto, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  20. Breaks Gus Gus - Starlovers (Freddy Fresh Rmx)
    Freddy Fresh, Gus Gus

  21. Breaks Kitachi - Brutal Style (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    Kitachi, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  22. Big Beat Puffy - Licensed to Skill (Freddy Fresh Rmx)
    Puffy, Freddy Fresh, Freddie Fresh

  23. Techno-Electro Modulator - Painkiller Continues
    Modulator, Freddy Fresh

  24. Electro - Breaks Flotsom - Harthouse UK
    Freddy Fresh

  25. Techno - House - Smells Like Funk
    Freddy Fresh

  26. TECHNO-ELECTRO Freddie Fresh - Advanced Waveform Synthetix - EXperimental 13
    Freddie Fresh, Modulator, Freddy Fresh, Advanced Waveform Synthetix

  27. TECHNO-Electro Modulator - Painkiller EXperimental 11
    Freddy Fresh, Freddie Fresh, Modulator

  28. TECHNO-Experimental Comatone (Freddy Fresh) EXperimental 09 NYC
    Comatone, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh, Modulator

  29. TECHNO Modulator - Maximum Pulse / Timmy's Trance EXperimental 06 NYC
    Modulator, Freddy Fresh, Freddie Fresh

  30. Electro Polyfusion - All Clear - Trope Germany
    Polyfusion, Freddy Fresh

  31. ELECTRO FUNK Freddie Fresh ‎– 'Lectro Outtakes
    Freddie Fresh

  32. HARD ACID TECHNO Freddie Fresh - Gnarl Drop Bass Network
    Freddie Fresh

  33. TECHNO Brixton vs. Freddie Fresh ‎– 505 Track Holzplatten Germany
    Freddie Fresh, Brixton

  34. TECHNO Freddie Fresh ‎– 909 Track Holzplatten Germany
    Freddie Fresh

  35. TECHNO Brixton vs. Frederick Frisch ‎– Kein Anschluss
    Freddy Fresh, Frederick Frisch

  36. TECHNO Modulator (Freddy Fresh) BIRTH EP
    Modulator (Freddy Fresh)

  37. TECHNO-ELECTRO Orlando Voorn Stalker - Blast EP
    Freddy Fresh, Orlando Voorn

  38. Techno-Electro Epitaph (Trans Atlantic) 1995
    Freddie Fresh

  39. TECHNO BLISS EP Symbiotic Embryo
    Modulator, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  40. TECHNO Tension EP Holland Emergency Broadcast
    Freddie Fresh

  41. ACID TECHNO House of Electronics Psychotraxx
    Fred Fresh, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  42. TECHNO Fear Of Music 2 (Tim Taylor and Freddie Fresh)
    Freddie Fresh, Tim Taylor

  43. Techno Klown Horn (Freddie Fresh & Tim Taylor)
    Freddie Fresh & Tim Taylor

  44. TECHNO St. Paul EP (Freddie Fresh & Tim Taylor) UK

  45. TECHNO Freddie Fresh - Searchers Synewave UK 1994 HQ

  46. TECHNO Penguin/Scissorhands Freddie Fresh & Tim Taylor

  47. TECHNO Butterfingers UK 1996
    Freddie Fresh, Tim Taylor

  48. Electro Hard Acid Techno Analogical Mind DJungle Fever Germany
    Analogical Mind, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh, DJungle Fever Germany

  49. HARD TECHNO Mad Machines Detroit (Analogical Mind)
    Analogical Mind, Freddy Fresh

  50. TECHNO Mpls. to Paris Radikal Groov

  51. ELECTRO Maniac EP Labworks Germany
    Nitrate, Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  52. TECHNO Magnesium Particles

  53. Electro Nitrate - Acid Stuker Labworks (Germany)

  54. TECHNO Subvoice 9 Japan vs. Analog
    Freddie Fresh, Freddy Fresh

  55. TECHNO Logical Grooves (Hybrid Sweden)

  56. TECHNO Axodya Swiss 007 (Freddie Fresh)

  57. Acid Techno Sniper (Axodya Swiss) 1995

  58. Hard Acid-Techno Acid Stuker
    Nitrate aka Freddie Fresh

  59. Electro, Hip Hop, House-Techno Fred Fresh Sensuist

  60. Electro, Electronica Watch That Sound
    Freddy Fresh

  61. Techno, Electro Analog Space Funk
    Freddie Fresh

  62. Breaks, Big Beat, Electro Play the Music
    Freddy Fresh Featuring Various Artists

  63. Breaks, Electro (Freddy Fresh) Comp.
    Freddy Fresh,

  64. Breaks, Big Beat, Electro Time Again
    Freddy Fresh - Howlin' Records

  65. BIG BEAT (warning) Glad to Be Here Howlin' Records

  66. Breaks, Big Beat, Electro Surrounded By Funk
    Freddy Fresh

  67. Breaks, Big Beat, Electro Outstanding in His Field

  68. Big Beat, Breaks Music For Swingers
    Freddy Fresh

  69. Breaks, Big Beat What It Is
    Bassbin Twins, Shut Up & Dance, Freddy Fresh

  70. Big Beat, Breaks, Electro Down for the Count

  71. House, Breaks It's About the Groove
    Freddy Fresh, DJ Spinna

  72. Big Beat, Breaks, House, Electro Last True Family Man
    Freddy Fresh, Grandmaster Flash, Fatboy Slim

  73. Big Beat, Breaks Barrio Grooves

  74. Big Beat, Breaks Drum Lesson

  75. Breaks, Electro Freddy Fresh Flava
    Omar Santana, DJ Cut La Rock, Freddy Fresh

  76. Electro, Breaks Accidentally Classic
    Freddy Fresh

  77. Techno, Trance Hemispheres

  78. Techno, Trance, Electro Higher Conciousness
    D.W.F.S. (Freddy Fresh)


Freddy Fresh (Freddie Fresh) Minnesota

Born in Minneapolis USA, The legendary Freddy Fresh is one of most respected DJs & Music Producers in the global electronic music scene.
Ranked as one of the world's best DJs by DJ Magazine UK, he has performed in more than 35 countries in clubs and festivals worldwide
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